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Edcons was officially launched in 1980 and has been exporting since then.


Edcons is a State of the art, mechanized and versatile Foundry in existence for over 25 years, producing all grades of gray and ductile iron castings. Continuous process and equipment upgrades, as well as major investments in environmental protection, define Edcons commitment to stability and longevity. Today Edcons produces castings through ‘Cleaner Technology’ and is a ECO friendly GREEN Foundry.

Occupying more than 100,000 square feet of space, the foundry consists of modern jobbing equipment designed for servicing a wide range of casting requirements. Different castings, from 0.500 pounds to 2,000 pounds in distinct molding areas are produced daily following different methods of molding.

Our Foundry offers full-service capability in casting design assistance for new products - from concept through prototype and final production phases. Our team of experts in metallurgy, production, pattern design and quality control assures quality castings. Computerized customer service and production scheduling provide current order status and prompt deliveries.

Our Foundry is focused on responsiveness to your needs through short cycle times, on-time deliveries and consistent quality.

All methods of core production are available, allowing the production of moderate to complex designs. Because green sand is utilized for all molding operations, you are assured competitive value. Besides green sand molding we also follow CO2 process of molding to produce quality castings. Shell molding process is also followed for a casting, which are smaller in size and it ensures superior surface finish.

As your business partner, we strive to understand your operations and needs. We believe that combined teamwork will mutually benefit our customers and
Edcons Foundry in the development of business opportunities

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