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To ensure & aid in producing quality castings Edcons Foundry is geared with the best Plant & Machinery, listed below:-

Inductotherm make Dual Track Induction Melting Three Furnaces with complete APC devices.

Chicago Pneumatic Make Screw Type Compressors.

Rotary Converters as well as Tundish Cover Sandwich Ladles.

Mixer Mullers & Intensive Sand mixtures for Green Sand Moulds & Cores
Pattern & Methoding Shop
Hot Rooms for Dry Sand Moulds & Cores
Shot Blasting Machine
Heat Treatment & Quenching Facilities
Machine Shop

EDCONS machine shop is equipped with 

Shaping & Planing Machines
Buffing & Grinding Machines
Drilling Machines
Hydraulic Testing Machines
Hydraulic Power Press
Saw Blade Cutting Machine    

Depending on the specific requirement of the customer, we have facilities for cement lining as well as Bitumen & Red oxide primer coating. Any other coating like epoxy coating, galvanizing, electroplating etc. can also be undertaken.


EDCONS recognizes how critical on time delivery can be. That's why we make sure your castings receive personal attention throughout the process, from packaging to proper tagging and labeling. Each product bears a unique Heat number, which identifies trace ability. Dedicated personnel, backed by quality control at its best, ensure that the right products are right at your door, right on time.

Apart from these intricate machining jobs are offloaded under our supervision.



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