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What is Ductile Iron ?

Ductile iron, also known sometimes as nodular iron or spheroidical graphite (SG) iron, has now been universally accepted as an engineering material as it combines high strength to weight ratio, toughness and good machinability. The spheroidal graphite cast iron manhole cover is around 30% lighter than the gray cast iron.


In 1943, in an effort to create an iron with better mechanical properties than either
gray or malleable iron, Keith Dwight Millis made a ladle addition of magnesium (as a copper-magnesium alloy) to cast iron while working in the International Nickel Company Research Laboratory. The resulting castings contained not flakes, but nearly perfect spheres of graphite. This discovery opened the door to dramatic new possibilities in metal applications. Ductile iron offers versatility and high performance at low costs.

Since 1948, Ductile Iron castings have proven to be an effective, lower cost alternative to malleable iron castings, steel forgings and steel fabrications. It appears Ductile Iron was invented with the designer in mind. High Tensile Strength, yield strength and elongation combine to give Ductile Iron a superior strength to weight ratio that adds up to more strength for less expense.
Currently, 80% of automobile crankshafts are ductile iron castings and this is only the beginning as this portion represents a fraction of its numerous applications.

Ductile Iron Cost Savings

The addition of magnesium at the molten stage transforms the microstructure of conventional grey iron of thin flakes to spheroidical form providing tensile strength that is at least twice that of grey iron.

The formation of graphite during solidification causes an internal expansion of Ductile Iron as it solidifies. This property of Ductile iron reduces requirements for feed metal as well as material and energy requirements, resulting in substantial cost savings. The use of the most common grades of Ductile Iron "as-cast" eliminates heat treatment costs, offering a further advantage.

EDCONS Ductile Iron Production

edcons castings currently has the capacity to produce 5,000 tons of ductile iron castings per year. Casting sizes range from 0.500 lb to 2,200 lbs. EDcons foundries produce all standard grades of ductile iron, from 60-40-18 to 100-70-03.


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